it doesn't feel like 5 years

five years ago we were here.
five years ago i made the smartest decision of my life.
5 years ago i was so young and stupid.
i'm still young and stupid, and i still love my hubby.
i actually love my hubby way more than five years ago. here's to us.

i am just excited by the fact that my man still likes me. and vice versa. it's comforting to know that we still make each other laugh and he's still my best friend. it is so easy to take for granted what you have and complain about life, and then i think about the people who have lost loved ones, either later on in life or too soon, and wish they would have appreciated it more. so whoever you are, and wherever you abide, hug the person(s) you love and tell them how glad you are they are your friends. heaven knows we need a lot more appreciation and love in this world.


Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 5 years already! Are you doing something fun tonight or this weekend? Hope so!

Camrin said...

congrats! it is fun to see pictures of your special day. :)

Stephanie and Paul said...

we are coming up on six next week. before you know it we will all really be old! i loved your wedding day. it was great. happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and AMEN! We all need to appreciate what we have a little (maybe a lot) more. P.S thanks for the package. Bethany was so excited that "Goosey Lucy" sent her something.

The Richards in Canada said...

SO crazy to think that we met you guys just 2 weeks or so after this! You little newlyweds! Somehow we became great friends. We still talk ofyou guys often! And yes, I'm coming down for sure in may. We'll have to get together!

Trent & Tara said...

Ah so two. I love wedding photos they are so special and make you think of how amazing that day really was!!

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