all these babies

i am subbing some ballet classes for a teacher that isn't expecting for two weeks. surprise! she had her baby this morning, so i am running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready. and yet, i still have time to blog? hmmm.

it seems like everyone is having babies or pregnant right now. doesn't it? we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first leavitt niece/cousin, evelyn. she has been quite the tease and just doesn't seem to want to come yet. but when she does come, we are super excited to hug and squeeze her and then hand her back. : )

still sad I can't see my new nephew Matthew (or mafew as the girls call him). he is a lump of love that i am dying to hold. if i only had an extra 700 dollars. any takers? and my friend (and sister-in-laws sister, still don't know what that makes us) just had her baby at 35 weeks, just like abby, and he was so so so teeny tiny. and thank goodness he was healthy. can't wait to see him again.

and last but not least,i am trying to avoid the baby bug that is going around. even at our yard sale on saturday every other customer was pregnant...insane. and now at the grocery store i notice that all the 'stars' are pregnant too. but, i am fine. i have two beautiful little girls that run me ragged every day.

and the fact that i barf for an average of 20 weeks helps to keep my aspirations of maternity at bay. but for now, i am happy for everyone else enjoying the blessings of motherhood. happy monday.

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