another leavitt girl!

tara and trent finally gave birth (well, tara did) to evelyn camille leavitt. she weighed only one ounce less than lucy and the same height, which i thought was crazy. she is beautiful and it is so nice to have another leavitt grandbaby;the girls finally have their first cousin on ty's side of the family. having them live on our block makes it hard though, lucy wants to go see the baby every day.

the day she was born, lucy said the prayer at lunch at asked to 'bless baby evelyn and aunt tara and uncle trent' and it was really sweet. it is so comforting to see a big, happy, healthy baby.
abby was SO excited to see the baby. i hope they become fast friends.
one secret i'll let you in on, ty LOVES newborns. i almost have to fight him over who gets to hold the baby first.


Camrin said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family! Having a new cousin for your girls is great! She is a beautiful baby girl. :)

Melanie said...

Yeah for babies that aren't your own. I'm sure you guys love to hold her and give her back! :) Sometimes we wish we could do that (in the middle of the night)! :)

Becky J. said...

I love that Ty loves newborns and you have to fight over them! How cute! She's a darling baby and I'm so glad she's here and healthy and that you live close enough to see her all the time.

The Leavitts said...

HEY- So it has been forever that i have seen you guys! I love that we can know whats going on in life by blogging!
The girls look like they are getting big, it seems like abby was just a newborn! I cant wait till Grace can have some cousins, she doesnt have any on either side!!
I hope i get to see you guys soon, when you come down this way you better stop by!!

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