early classification

we have had the pleasure of visiting with Renee and her girls this weekend. I haven't seen her in 3 years! It is so fun to be around old friends again and realize that although almost everything has changed, school, jobs, kids, houses, it felt like old times again.

i told lucy thursday morning that her friend Nali was coming over to play. Immediately Lucy asks, "Um, does she wear panties?". What kind of a question is that? But then I realized, this is how lucy classifies other little girls. If they are 'cool' and 'older', they wear panties. Anyone in diapers is so not in her class. I laughed out loud when I realized what she was doing. I assured her that yes, Nali wears panties and is a big girl.

we had a great visit renee. sam, ty missed you. can't wait till next time.


me said...

That is too funny. I guess that means I'm in her class, actually I would probably be considered an Old lady. I'm out of luck I guess.

Stephanie and Paul said...

booo! i'm so jealous! glad you had a good visit though!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Sounds like Lucy has got a great system.

Becky J. said...

I love that Lucy has figured out how to classify little girls by their ages by whether they wear panties or not. So clever. I remember Sophie just wasn't quite cool enough cuz she still wears diapers. :)

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