love you

just had to put a little two bits in about one of my role models. i have looked up to my sister danna since as long as i can remember.
from secretly playing with her makeup in her caboodle and waiting for her to drive home from college, i have always thought she was awesome.
she taught me about the magic that is barbra streissand, makeup, glen ivy hotsprings, the miracle of an eyebrow waxing, good books, patience, hard work,diligence,endurance and everything in between.

she is a great example to me. living with an autistic child isn't easy. living with two autistic children is a full time, 24 hour a day, 365 days a year for-your-entire-life job. and she handles it all in stride. her and guy (her husband) do an excellent job.

thanks for everything danna. you rock.

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