yard work

taking a break from our saturday yard work to write this. i hate, no double hate, yes triple hate, weeding. it sucks.

but i do love my roses, and talk to them every day coaxing them to grow strong and true. and there is nothing better than fresh cut grass. i wish we had more money to landscape the front of our house.

what do you enjoy/hate about yardwork?


Jordan and Jandee said...

My favorite is planting flowers! Love for the weeding, yep Jordan is usually conscripted into doing it!

Becky J. said...

I hate all of it. No really. But maybe I should give it a chance again since the last time I really did any of it was when my mom forced me to as a child. But I've never lived in a place I could really do any since and people tell me it's therapeutic, so I won't swear it off forever. Good for you for doing the not-so-fun parts in order to enjoy the beautiful parts. Kinda like parenting.

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