i have a new personal goal but don't know whether or not to share it. because, you see, i am confused about this blog. i share photos of my kids and their stories for all the fam, and then i share all my embarrassing confessions about myself. is it my blog or theirs? where do you draw the line? (that was a real question, by the way, i want to know). i'm sure we can share the space, but i always want to mix it up and know that all of you have the same dilemma and seem to handle it flawlessly in your posts.

my life long goals that i am making public:
learn to speak another language (or at least master my broken spanish)
learn to play the guitar
learn to sew clothes, quilts and other what nots
travel to each continent
learn how to stay organized
master my cravings for food
and a million other ones...

another confession: my cousin's wife jess made admitted that she watched the entire gillmore girls seasons from start to finish recently. my secret is that every day during my 2nd pregnancy i watched judging amy on tbs during lucy's nap time. i still can't believe i wasted that much time.


me said...

Good job on your confessions! It's alright that you watched a pointless show everyday. You are suppose to chill a little bit. Lately I've been watching 7th Heaven. Talk about sappy! It's a pregnancy thing I guess! :)

Anonymous said...

As far as bloging, it belongs to you and your girls. I like to hear how your whole family is doing and you seem to do it "flawlessly" too! When you master spanish please teach me!

jes said...

agh. now everyone knows my secret. at least i saved myself a few hundred hours of commercials by watching the reruns on DVD.

The Yardley's said...

Annie you crack me up! Never a dull moment at your house.I know how you feel aboout the tv thing when you are prego- but if that's the only thing you did to waste time you are way ahead of me! Oh and when you learn how to master cravings for food- tell me the secret!

Becky J. said...

That confession of Jess's made me want to go rent gillmore girls, too, even though I KNOW how much time I'd waste! Love your list of lifelong goals. I hope you do them all!

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