lucy said this...

recently lucy has been making some interesting statements about our family. this morning she told me that i am abby's mommy and ty is her daddy. i guess our family is segregated now. she also told ty yesterday that, "sometimes mommy's mean to me." woops. some other favorites are...

"mommy, you're not listening again"
"this house is a mess"
"there are too many crunchies in my seat (meaning leftover, dried up, scraps of food)
"are you happy yet mommy?"
"abby's still poopy mommy"
"you said we would do (this) after we did (that) and we haven't yet."
"this food is cold"
"the water in the tub is too hot"
"mommy, you're not listening again"

i guess as long as i'm still trying is all that counts right?

oh, and thanks for the input on the hair. we'll see how the upkeep is.


Becky J. said...

Ah, kids. That is too funny. You can't fault 'em for being honest, but sometimes don't you wish they came with a filter that (most) adults have? The worst is when it's not true and yet they tell the neighbors or ladies at the grocery store about how their mom is mean to them and you're sure DCFS is going to show up at your door any minute.

Tam said...

this is all sooo familiar. you're good at spelling out what we mothers of smarty pants little princesses go through. keep it up, i love reading your posts!

Melanie said...

Too funny! The things she comes up with really surprise me sometimes! :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I love what kids say,they can be brutally honest and hold nothing back. They always say what the rest of us are thinking.

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