nursery already?

for father's day i took abby to the last hour of church with me as a present for ty. he usually keeps her while i teach. well, turns out it was a fabulous idea because the young women were helping out with the nursery (18 month-3 year olds) and decided to tote abby along with them. hey, she only has 3 more weeks anyways.

i was really taken aback at how weird it was to know she was having fun and playing in big, grown up nursery. after picking her up she was so proud to show me her 'craft' that she made and held on to it pretty tight all the way home. can she really almost be 18 months old?


Anonymous said...

that picture is so cute. purple is my favorite baby girl color.

Melanie said...

The time has gone by so fast! What a big girl!

Trent & Tara said...

oh she is so small in this photo. that is hard to believe she is already in nursery.

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