a year of school

ty is my hero. he made it our first year here in provo with all these byu students and so far he has only thrown one text book. that, my friends, is a small miracle. i'm so proud of how well he has adjusted (even though we still here the muffled comments about this so and so teacher and the kid who wears a man purse everyday to class.)
we have enjoyed this small window of school. we only have about 2 more.

some of the lows of living in provo:
missing our families
missing our friends
missing the pioneer theater
missing the blissful winter days
missing the cool summer nights
missing the inside scoop
missing the fair
missing all the gossip (i guess that's just me)
missing our ward
missing everything there pretty much

some of the highs of living in provo:
can you say dollar movie theater?
parks, parks and more parks
byu baseball games, football games and such
temple is 3 minutes down the street
free and student discount stuff galore
provo city library
i can hit up costco and target and be home in only an hour
byu student health center $10 copay (yes)
bicycle rides
running trails
the gym down the street
the best summer days
our ward


Melanie said...

Congrats Ty (and Annie)! Just think - when you're done, we'll still have 2 years! :) Enjoy Provo. We miss it now.

Becky J. said...

Yay for one year down, 2 to go! That really is an awesome accomplishment. There definitely are some stinky things about living in Provo, but I hope it just gets better and better for you while you're there!

Anonymous said...

Color me crazy but the second list seems so much more enjoyable.

Chandra said...

I love the "man purse" comment! I can so see Tyson making fun of that. From experience, the first year is the hardest so congrats!

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