getting in that workout

still working on getting in shape after baby#2. i finally realized that for the rest of my life, the large part of my free time (ha, like there really is any) will be working out. i'm just glad that now i have my sister to accompany me; it was oh so lonesome exercising alone after lucy. i know all you out there have physical goals too, how do you reach them? is it me or does it just seem so hopeless sometimes? getting the energy to get out there is the hardest part for me. after that i enjoy it...mostly. but i run slow, my exercise clothes don't match and i'm the whitest person at the gym every single time. keeping it a priority is, and always has been, very important to me. i'm just actually working on it now. i will say that my head is clear when i work out, and the girls notice every day. lucy asked me "why do you go work out?" i told her, "because it keeps mommy happy". and it does.
but it's hard to find a balance for me. because every time i think of 'getting in shape' i can't get these body images out of my head.
dang you ballet training. you've ruined me forever.


Anonymous said...

Seriously you look great! Don't worry so much about what "size" or "weight" you are. Try not to get caught up in how you look but how you feel. Oh, and working out doesn't have to mean gym time. Play "mother may I...", "red light, green light" or other active games with the girls. Love ya,

Annie Leavitt said...

those are good games to add to our daily walks and weekly bicycle trips to the recycling bin and library. i think i like the gym because my kids can't come. sounds awful doesn't it? : )

Lauren said...

Hey There!
I've been to your page before but I didn't think you'd remember who I am- but you did at the dentist so I thought I'd drop ya a line!

Becky J. said...

Annie, you are gorgeous exactly as you are right now, and look MUCH better than those too skinny ballerinas. They don't look normal, IMHO. But I applaud you for working so hard at something that's important for you. I wish I were as dedicated!

Melanie said...

Are you serious?! Still working for pre-Abby? I don't buy it. You're looking hot lately.

And I think your friend is right - ballerina's aren't normal in the way their bodies look. I'm sure Ty likes you and what you've got just fine! :)

Exercise does make me happy too. If I could just find a decent way to fit it in the schedule, regularly. (Which Billy is totally willing to help me with.) Mind you, I HATE working out in the garage 'cause it's so hot before you even get started.

I just need to suck it up though to loose these last few pounds and move on with my life! I want to fit into my skinny jeans again!

Good luck.

Annie Leavitt said...
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Danna Banana said...

Workouts. Sometimes it feels like a workout just getting out the door to "workout".
I'm happy to say that after 10 years of seriously considering exercise and fitness my idea of the ideal weight and size has changed.
I started out idealizing the hosts for fitness videos and craving their stamina, ability, long lean muscles and perfect outfits. I begged and scratched my way through forums talking to like minded fitness wannabes desperate for change.
I have watched myself yo yo up and down and I think I'm finally where I want to be.
I love working out. I love getting stronger and being able to lift weights. I looooove running and cardio.
The most important lesson is that I am loving the journey now soooo much more than being worried about how far i fall short.
I'm no longer punishing myself for falling short of the mark. Instead I'm celebrating what i can do and trying new things all the time.
I want to die and go to heaven and know that I didn't waste out my life punishing myself because I could never wear the sample sizes(read: size 0). I enjoyed life and pushed for change.
I think I am really o.k. if I don't reach my ideal weight. i'm not going to stop pushing to see how far i can go, but I'm o.k. if I don't get there.
I also fully expect to see and entire table of chocolate delights waiting for me behind the pearly gates.
Can't be heaven without chocolate!

Anonymous said...

First off, Annie you look amazing. I hope I look as good as you after number 2. Next, I teach aerobics to keep me fresh and motivated. I love going to classes, there is strength and energy in numbers. When I added body pump to my changed me forever. Weights are huge when it comes totally body success. I'm not sure if you have a Golds gym pass or not, but my friend Heather Ballard teaches spin there and her classes are amazing and high energized. Also, I like to mix it up. Variety helps with bordem. Well, that's my two cents...and I don't know about you but I like curves and muscle!
If you would like to be invited to our blog email me at

Trent & Tara said...

Annie do look good and you kick butt at the gym. I have got to hand it to you working out with a personal trainer every week. That is really tough. Keep up the good work. Working out makes me feel amazing as well.

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