excited for fall

yesterday i realized that this week is august. it was sad to think i have yet to accomplish one goal i had for the summer and only made a few car trips with the girls before pooping out on socializing all together. i am just tired.

but i started to get excited for fall! already i know, it's weird. i love summer, but there is something about fall that makes it my favorite season. maybe because my kids don't wake up at the crack of dawn with the sun like during summer. yuck. i finally put a gate up in front of lucy's door and told her, "if mommy's not up, you play in your room and wait." it actually worked too, i got to sleep in till 7am folks.

in other news, we are excited for fall because Grandpa Leavitt planted pumpkins and the girls are very very anxious to see them grow. every week we talk to them and get updates on how tall they are, etc. lucy is pleased as punch. pictures are here...


Melanie said...

Cute pictures!! Love Abby's hat and I still remember Emily wearing that little onesie.

Billy and I were just saying the same thing - we're already excited and ready for fall. The kids just make this time of year so much fun! I went to a craft store Saturday and saw Autumn decorations and things for Thanksgiving and after the initial, "Already?!" thought that popped through my head, I got excited and looked at it all.

Now if we could just pin point our Halloween costumes! :)

The Leavitts said...

I'm excited for fall too, but that so that we can go outside without sweating to death!!!
I love that Lucy stays in her room, i hope she keeps it up!!

Carrie said...

Living in Utah, Fall is definitely a killer time of year, and I am totally with you in being anxious for it. Being in Seattle, however, we want the summer to stay as long as possible, because our summers are the equivalent of everybody else's springs and falls!! Regardless, I am happy that it is almost August because it means that I will get to see you soon! Love!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you...Fall is my favorite. I'm always excited for summer fun, but happy to see the triple digits leave. How fun for you guys to have a pumpkin patch.

Becky J. said...

I'm super excited for fall, too! It's become my favorite season. I love the first morning you walk outside and it really smells like fall. To me it smells like football season which I love.

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