i'm going on a diet

i'm restricting myself to the internet for 20 minutes a day. why you might ask? because i spend it reading mindless dribble and blog stalking. unless some of you can refer me to some actually worthwhile sites, things have got to change around here.


Becky J. said...

Oh, I need to join your diet club and restrict my internetting (is that a verb? Cuz I just made it one.) I spend way too much time on the computer each day, too, and I know it's time to stop when Sophie's pulling my hands away and threatening to turn the whole thing off (which she does know how to do all too well).

Melanie said...

I just decided to start doing the same thing yesterday! :) I do it all when the kids are in quiet time/nap time, but it takes up A LOT of that time. Yesterday was so nice 'cause I got some stuff done! I mean, I have 3 Christmas stockings to work on! :)

Good luck! I won't refer any good sites, because we both have better things we could be doing!

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