movie snack

i can't believe i forgot to post about this.
tyson and i went to the movies over a month ago and saw the most interesting thing. a lady (a quite large lady, i might add) was saving a seat for her friend when we were looking for ours. we find some seats directly behind her and sit down. as soon as the previews start she takes out her little ziploc baggie of snacks. thinking it would be candy (because ty and i bring our own sweets) i am surprised to smell a little bit of bacon grease. that's right, the lady brought bacon for a movie snack.


Tam said...

that sounds really good actually, maybe i'm just hungry, i do love myself some bacon though.

Melanie said...

I like bacon and all, but at the movies?! :)

Camrin said...

That totally cracks me up!!! Did she think that maybe people could smell bacon?!? Bacon is like the strongest smelling food out there. :)

me said...

That is really funny. I'm like Mel, I like bacon but I think you need to draw the line somewhere!

Trent & Tara said...

That is pretty intense that the rather large women couldn't just cook up her bacon and eat it before the movie. ha ha

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