never say never

i've had a lot of family/friends having their first babies lately. it's been so neat to visit them in the hospital, hold their precious newborns and see how much time and affection they put into caring for them.

then i look at my own kids. scraggly hair, mismatched clothes, skinned up knees, messy rooms. where did i go wrong? i was lamenting this to my mother a few weeks ago. she asked me one question,
"annie, are your kids happy?"
"well, yeah I guess."
"then you are doing a great job"

my kids are insanely happy (unless they are tired, then it is a different story). but overall, as a mother, i too, am happy with where we are, and laugh when i catch myself doing lots of things i said i would NEVER do, or say things I said i would never say. for example:

i call tyson 'daddy'
i wipe their pacifiers off on my jeans
i watch them eat food off the floor and neglect to say anything (unless it's really gross)
i use the 'repeat play' option on baby einstein
we've gone to church without tights or socks on
lucy hair is only done about twice a week
"share or i take it away"
"stop picking your wedgie"
"leave your sister alone!"
"just because someone has darker skin doesn't mean they are black'"
"you have to wear pull ups at night until you stop having accidents"
"lucy, just leave me be for 5 seconds!"
"abby stay close"
"sit there, fold your arms and don't move"

there are so many others, but why bore you any more? have a great friday.


Becky J. said...

Are you kidding me, Annie? You do realize that everyone else is looking at you and your family and saying, Wow, she is the perfect mother and they have it all together. Don't you dare compare yourself to others and think you're not doing as well, because you're an amazing mom! Your mom's right, if they're happy, who cares if you got Lucy's hair done that day or not. I rarely ever do Sophie's either, but you just have to decide what's most important, and sometimes getting hair done isn't it.

I do a ton of things that I never thought I'd do, either, like pull boogies out with my fingers (sorry for the TMI) or share spoons and finish their grody food. Now I understand my own mom so much better. I guess that's one reason we're doing this, huh? And it will make us so happy one day to see our daughters doing the same stuff with their kids. Have a great Friday, too. :)

Melanie said...

It's so true! :) Billy and I were laughing at your list. I think we all have those little things we swore we'd never do, that we do now. The kids are loved and happy - that's what counts!

Good to talk to you yesterday! :)

The Richards in Canada said...

LOVE the post!! Miss you!!

me said...

Stop picking your wedgie is the best one!

Lyndi said...

first, I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh, hard most of the time. :) second, I tagged you on my blog.
(mainly because I wanted to have you write even more funny things . . . :D)

Lyndi M

Bonnie Walker said...

Annie, I loved the things i'll never do list. I just finished telling David to just leave me alone for a few minutes. If only 18 month old babies would listen! Your girls are beautiful!


Court said...

Even though we don't know eachother (I'm Tara's sis-in-law), I have to say that I loved your post! I have three daughters and I find myself saying those exact same things and laughing about the fact that I have become "that" mom. It's funny how time changes us huh? :)

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