nyc anyone?

what do you do when your husband offers to take you to nyc for 48 hrs?
what do you do when he's pleading and says he'll work endless weekends just for the chance to see the 'house that ruth built?'
what do you do when he says he bribed his parents into watching you children for you?

i decided to relent and say yes. and so we went, we saw, we flew home.

here are some highlights of the trip that i am blagging about:

red sox winning the game at yankee stadium
sleeping in for two consecutive mornings
catching up with cameron and katie
walking through central park and hating myself for forgetting my running shoes
getting lost downtown and ending up in the fashion district. helllooo!
pretending like i'm smart enough to attend columbia university
taking a ballet class on broadway
finally eating greek yogurt.
view on top of empire state building
almost puking in a new york city cab (crazy)
wanting to take pictures of all the sweet yarmulkes/yamakas? i saw. seriously, a kid at the ballgame had a ny yankees one.
asking directions on the subway and realizing 90% of the people knew ny as well as i do. not very well i might add.
finally shopping at h&m

picture post to follow soon.


Tam said...

oooh, can't wait for pictures!

The Richards in Canada said...

I'm heading to NYC in 2 weeks...I can't wait to see as much as I can see. We're thinking of going to a Yankees game on the SAturday...2nd last game in yankee stadium! Your pictures got me excited. So what did you think of h7M...I just got the girls matching jeans there on Monday!!!

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