unattainable cleanliness

one of my goals in life is to have home that is not only organized, but chic to boot.
to inspire me my new potterybarn magazine came today. (my endless fountain of ideas that i try to find at tjmax)
anyhoos...this office in the magazine caught my eye. great color, accents, organization etc.
don't get me wrong, i know there is no way on this green earth my house can look like this. i can tell you that i vacuum our 'high traffic' areas daily and pick up after our monkeys endlessly. but it never ends. there is always something stuck to something from breakfast and a toy that broke into a million pieces 'accidentally' in the ac duct.

but i still admire these perfectly coifed rooms. while perusing i finally noticed something i'd never caught before.

where are the cords/wires/plug ins? i know this isn't a real room, but one thing that really irks me are the cords under our computer desk. i've tried to wrap them up, tuck them away, tape them even, to no avail. i wish there were some 'computer cord caddy' like the one's i've seen for garden hoses at home depot; some cute spatoon or something.

what do you do with your cords?


The Leavitts said...

I agree 100% with ya, i have cords EVERYWHERE!!!

Anonymous said...

What do I do with chords? Glare at them and then walk away. It is a fight I'll never win.

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