some of my goals as a 'housewife' are to #1, not have the 'ellen' show be the highlight of my day (really, there's an ad saying that it is the 'best' part of your day) and #2 keep extending myself by serving, fund raising, reading good novels, keep up on the news, learn to play the guitar (tell ty i still want one for christmas please) etc. etc.

so, i've been wanting to run a marathon too. don't ask me why, because i specifically remember telling tara sandoval, "i am never, ever, ever doing a whole". here i am, signed up to run the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. and on our anniversary to boot.

seriously, what was i thinking? i tell you what i thought:
"it's for a good cause"
"i'll be glad to do it before we have #3" (no, not an announcement)
"the girls can come watch and i'll be a good example"

now i'm thinking:
"holy crap"
"I have to train through the winter"
"is there enough vaseline for 26 miles?"
"i can't do this"

but it really is for a good cause. i'll talk about that more later.


Tam said...

wow! you are brave, tough, and determined. good job and good luck.
ps i made the apple crisp-yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I still think 26 miles is insane; but, now that you are running a have me thinking:) I definitely want to do Moab again; that was awesome!! You will do great and you are such an inspiration! By the way, it was great talking to you the other day. Hopefully, I will see you and the family sometime soon! ~ Tara

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