whew. sorry for the long rant. in other news, lucy started preschool last week. actually it's called "alphabet preschool" and is run like joy school.

remember good ol' joy school? anyhoos, she loves it and today was the letter C. "Capital C, mom" she reminds me.

all day today in the car:

"C, kah kah kah car"
"C, kah kah kah cat"
"C, kah kah kah dressing"
"C, kah kah kah baby"

hmmm...maybe we should look into a real preschool for next year. what alphabet is she learning?


Carrie said...

I wonder where she got dressing and baby? That's cute. :-)

Danna Banana said...

"C, kah kah kah.....FERRARI!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar. Madeline walks around "bah, bah, bah Madeline." Hooray for preschool and a minute or two of peace.

Audrey said...

Thats really cute. I find my kids doing the same thing so don't be too worried. I called you the other day, did you get my message? Call me sometime.

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