shop it to me
somehow i found this website. i don't know if a friend referred me or what, but i thought, hey i'll give it a go. here's the deal, you pick your favorite retailers/brands you would like to know are having a sale. give them your shoe size, pant/dress/blouse size too and your in. the automatically email you of clothing that is not only on sale, but in your size too!

somehow i thought that i could look at all the sales and not be tempted. somehow i thought that looking at all my dream brands (chanel, prada, yves saint laurent) would be fun. ha.

since becoming a mom i love to 'window shop' but do almost all my serious clothing shopping purchases online. can you say free shipping and returns and no stroller bumping into absolutely every rack in the joint? i bet you can.

this is the biggest temptation right now, i have to limit when it emails me because i am dying over here! but hey, if you have enough shekels to buy clothes, this is so awesome

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Carrie said...

That sounds like a really cool website. We have no money right now, so I would get in big trouble if I used it. I wonder if any of those big expensive brands even carry my size of clothing! Good luck keeping your temptations in check!

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