lucy memory

one of my favorite mommy moments:

in 2007, while on bedrest with abigail i hear lucy whining in her bedroom. "". the beached whale that i was, rolled my self off the couch to save her from her woes and this is what i found.
here's a little tip lucy: a 3-6month swimsuit is not going to fit on a two year old. but i guess you can always find that out the hard way.

i wish i could freeze my kids right now, at this age, and hold and cuddle them forever. for now i'll just sneak in as many kisses as i can and embrace the reality of growing up.


jes said...

here's to lucy! always ready to delight and entertain.

[how in the world did you manage bedrest and a toddler?]

Melanie said...

I love that you took the time to capture this in pictures! This is priceless!

Carrie said...

So darling! You are going to have so many embarrassing pictures when they're teenagers!!

Becky J. said...

I know, sometimes I want to hurry up Avery so she can be big enough to play with Sophie, but then I realize what I'm thinking and decide I really want to freeze them both right now instead. They grow much too fast! Yours are so cute, Annie! Even with all the craziness and work (i.e. your post earlier) of being a mom, isn't it the best? I love it.

Trent & Tara said...

That is way funny... man I love to see what those girls come up with. And this was one I never heard. Ha ha. You have got some strong minded kids.

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