our fam in 5

my friend lyndi tagged me from her blog. seeing as i post random things about myself a lot, this one is about 5 random things from our family this past week.

1. abby has asked to 'sit' on the potty two times.
2. the girls are sleeping in till 7:30-8:00 since grandma's house (hip hip hooray). i get so excited to hear my alarm clock wake me up instead of lucy's face in mine. "can i have some apple juice now?" "Is it too early?" "I want to watch sesame street"
3. ty moved the truck out of the garage. the bonus? i get to put my two strollers, bike, bike trailer, lawn mower and chairs back into the garage. you can come sit on our porch and chat any time now.
4. i forced ty to watch 2 Weeks Notice and laughed at how much he was laughing
5. someone tooted at the dinner table last night. that's right, i said it, sometimes people toot at our dinner table. i'm not naming names, but abby thought it was absolutely hilarious. she's just chuckling away, which makes the rest of us laugh too. i asked her "abby, what are you laughing at?" she replies, "poop."

ps: every monday night, 1,050 FHE groups go to kiwanis park. this week i watched as a ward walked by our house:
the social, uber cute 18 year old girls mucking it up with the 'old' return missionary guys.
some dorky guys walking goofy and laughing at each other while tossing a frisbee.
a cluster of girls in the middle and a few stragglers walking all by their lonesomes.
i don't miss college.


Becky J. said...

I do not miss the cliquiness of those wards, either, but there are other things I really do miss about college. I wouldn't go back now though for anything.

And Sophie always says she's pooped when she toots, too. That's too cute!

The Yardley's said...

I'm glad you have tooting at your table too! Makes me feel alot better!

Carrie said...

Love it! I don't really miss it either. I miss specific people, but not the angst of trying to get attention from a boy when there are 50 other girls (over half of which are blonde) vying (sp?) for that same attention. I also don't miss pretending to like ultimate frisbee, even though the boys never toss the frisbee to the girls anyway.
P.S. We don't even have little kids and we still have toots at the dinner table. Better out than in!

Lyndi said...

It's perfect! As always, I loved reading every word and by the end was laughing out loud in the middle of the LRC with all of the people around me looking scandalized that I would dare laugh in the library . . . :D Wahahahaha!!!! I wonder what they would do if I tooted? ;)

Trent & Tara said...

Amen to all that your said...I kind of get annoyed of all the FHE groups. Only cause they can be really loud with their screaming and yelling while i am trying to get Evelyn to sleep at night. ah and i have seen all the groupings you have described.

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