pesky pests

our family has been lucky enough to have plenty of fresh fruit in our house this summer/fall. is it fall yet? anyways, this might be because we 1. love fruit, 2. i'm trying to avoid 'sugar' so i stuff my face with peaches and grapes and 2. costco is 8.5 minutes away.
so, completely, spoiled right now.
so what happens when we have fruit and my kids leave our screen door open 24/7? fruit flies. those pesky pests. i HATE them. loathe them, wish they never existed. mosquitoes are lower down in my "things i hate list" merely because there is such a thing as bug repellant.
well, worry no more if you have fruit flies. i have found a (most gratifying) way of ridding our house of them every night.

Step 1: before bed, lay foil on cookie sheet
Step 2: place sliced up fruit on foil (bananas are the best, but anything will do)
Step 3: place cookie sheet in oven with door open
Step 4: get all other fruit into the fridge or into another room, and go to bed (you might want to put your house plants outside too, sometimes they live in there)
Step 5: wake up, walk slowly, ever so slowly, into your kitchen. now, slam the oven door shut as fast as possible and broil for a good 10 minutes.
voila, you have successfully fried up all the fruit flies in your house. repeat as necessary.

ps: i love seeing there little burnt corpses as i roll up the tin foil. tmi?


The Yardley's said...

You are a geniuos!You are going to have everybody broiling there fruit flies now! LOL so funny

Anonymous said...

nice job but one you find any "corpses" on the bottom of the oven? let me know

Carrie said...

Love it! We haven't noticed fruit flies up here in seattle too much, but I will definitely remember this little trick. :-)

Melanie said...

That is hilarious! Did you come up with that on your own?! :) I'm still laughing! Hope you broil lots!

Trent & Tara said...

Ha that is hilarious i need that advice cause we are seeing lots of them as well. you are so good at writing creatively on your blog. thanks i will have to try it.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

That's pretty sick Annie. But very resourceful and pretty funny too! The NYC trip looks like it was very fun. Wasn't it nice to have a kid free vacation?!

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