we found out a week ago that one of the boys in preschool likes lucy. his mom and i just casually talked and laughed about the fact that he wants to "marry her when he grows older".

apparently i talked too much about it around the house because today at preschool:
lucy: "hey dallin, do you like me?"
dallin: awkward pause, looks sheepishly into his hands
lucy: "hahahhaha" (she seriously looked like cruella devil)

can this really be happening? already? and is she one of 'those' girls who is going to torture and manipulate every boy who takes a fancy to her? good golly i'm going to have a lot of gray hair. (oh wait, i already do : )


Carrie said...

Haha. That is too funny. She must take after her mom--quite the player. :-) Don't worry--I had my first boyfriend in preschool, and then took a 13 year hiatus until I was 17. Things could still go ok! (For awhile at least!)

Dal said...

Hey, at least the kid has a solid name.

Trent & Tara said...

Ha man she is so funny. Just leave it to her to be straightforward. Poor kid..he probably was so embarrassed. Ha ha .

Anonymous said... starts so young. We have had a similar experience except now Madeline has decided that she wants to marry Porter as well!!! Just wait until Abby starts fighting Lucy for Dallin. ;-)

Tam said...

us too (except the other way around). for example:
Savannah- Mom, who is going to be my husband?
Me- I don't know, who ever you fall in love with and marry when you're older.
Savannah- I want Liam to be my husband. I love Liam.

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