birthday prep

tomorrow is lucy's 4th birthday and i am running around the house like a crazy chicken.

it is always a long debate about what her 'theme' is going to be. so far we've had teddy bears, Dora, butterflies, and this year...halloween. i'm excited because it's something different but this darn wilton house that she wants is sold out everywhere. help!

i'm planning on calling every store today tracking one down. crap, i hope i find one otherwise i'll be making one myself out of gingerbread. not excited about that.


Melanie said...

Wow! A gingerbread house this year! That's a fun thing to do. Hope you find it. It would take a lot of time to try and make that by hand (the gingerbread pieces).

Can't wait to see what you come up with! :) Good luck. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Carrie said...

Whatever. I'll bet you could make a gingerbread house WAY cooler than that one. You're a pro at those things! Good luck with all of your preparations! I'm sure it will be a wonderful day.

Lauren said...

Good luck! I hope you found one!!!

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