The Dork Factor

Many of you avid readers of this blog are parents, and will understand change that happens with parenthood. For the rest of you, this is a warning.

When you have kids, you become a total dork. And the best part? There’s no shame for this dorkiness, in fact, you usually don’t even notice. For instance, Lucy asked me today what’s for lunch. I get a big grin on my face and scrunch down to tell her “doodles of course!” (their favorite meal). In case you missed it, I meant noodles. We’ve called them doodles since Lucy was 18 months old. And pizza is always “peeba”. And almost every other day, thanks to cousin Emily, you’ll catch us saying “eee aaah dada” (that means “thank you dada”).

Ty finds himself whistling Veggie Tales tunes. at work. surrounded by grown men. working on cars. I got so excited at the Library yesterday because we found a video of the Royal Opera dancing Beatrix Potter stories. We could hardly wait to get it home. Jemima Puddleduck in pointe shoes? Sign me up baby.

And just ask Ty how many sound tracks he has memorized now from car trips. Sound of music. Sense and sensibility. Mary poppins. Poor guy. It’s ok though, he’s happy ‘cause he caught lucy singing a Who song the other day. She’s playing with her dollhouse belting out, “when I say I looove you, you say you bettta! You betta you betta you bet!”

This is just something I’ve been chuckling to myself and thought I’d share. What are your dorky moments? No children required to post; because let’s face it, there’s an inner dork in all of us.


Carrie said...

Oh my goodness. Peter and I are huge dorks, and will continue to be dorks until the bitter end. Peter Tivo's "The Spectacular Spiderman" cartoon that airs on Saturday mornings! I usually watch it with him and ask questions about all the villains. If that's not dorky I don't know what is. :-)

Melanie said...

I don't know how many times I'll get in the car alone and realize half way to my destination that I'm listening (and singing along) to some CD of the kids (be it Backyardigans, Wiggles, Safety Kids or Primary songs.)

I also like to talk to the baby when its just the two of us at the store. I talk to him like he's really understanding and helping me shop. People must think I'm crazy. :)

And Billy and I have been known to get very excited when a new Backyardigans movie is being released! :) (And Pixar too!)

Becky J. said...

You mean those things are dorky? I don't just have an inner dork, I know I'm a total dork, far before children came along. Good thing Joseph still saw something good in me anyway (maybe I have an inner cool? :D)

Joseph and I both go around singing Wee Sing songs as well as all the Disney classics that Sophie's currently addicted to.

I coo and talk to my baby in the most ridiculous ways in front of everyone, including strangers.

Personally I wish there were more people out there who could acknowledge their dorkiness instead of pretending that they're so cool. The world would be a better place. :)

Annie Leavitt said...


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