no really, bedtime is at 6:30

people never believe ty or me when we talk about our kids schedules. the topic often comes up because 6:30pm sounds like an insanely early time for kids to go to bed. well, this is by far the earliest lucy has ever gone to sleep (except abby who seems to be ready by 6 for a year now). lucy's time has varied, the latest ever being 8:30, and that is the absolute latest she has gone to sleep (except for some various holidays and weekends) for 3 years.

i read this book when lucy was 10 months and i was at my wits end (literally) and it has saved us. whenever a close friend has a baby shower i ask ty the end all question, "what should we get them, clothes or The Book?" His reply has always been "The Book". now, don't be offended if i didn't give you The Book, if i sense there is no interest in schedules, i will not push this stuff on you.

i know a scheduled life is not for every mom, but it works for us, and that is all that matters. it does take a lot preparation and work, and sucky sacrifice to miss social stuff. but i have to have their scheudles. people thought we were crazy when lucy was going to bed at 7, and now it's even earlier. but somehow this early bedtime is working, and, i hope i'm not jinxing this, they are now sleeping in till 7am. i know, a little small miracle for my mornings.

i am addicted to schedules, schedules are my sanity.
here is ours right now:
when i get back from exercising the flab, one or two of the girls is up watching curious george. (lucy now knows how to turn on the boob tube)
Abby's first nap
lucy and i are supposed to play during this time but i usually do the dishes and get my self presentable (i'm working on giving her more one on one time)
lucy's snack time. she always comes in, she can't tell time, but her tummy is ready at 10
Naptime (it varies from 11/2 to 3 hours depending on day) my favorite time of day, read, read, blog, read, surf internet, and of course, nap.
afternoon playtime:
another snack of course and this is when i try to squeeze in playtime/errand/cleaning/making up house/cooking dinner time.
Dinner time
bath time
we have brushed teeth, dressed for bed, read our 3 books, BOM and prayers (sometimes :)

and then what? oh, my hubby and i have 4+ hours of alone time. that's right, you heard me, a l o n e. he usually has 8 tons of homework and i clean, read, and watch tv. but we still are in the same building at least right? the rest of my free time is washing our stinkin' dishes by hand and trying to keep up on laundry. thus, this is my life.


Tam said...

i agree with you, early bed times are wonderful.

Danna Banana said...

My boys are 13 and 10 and they are still on schedules.

It helps me. It helps them.

Sorry folks, I totally drank the cool-aide when it comes to schedules.

Melanie said...

We LOVE schedules! (You know that though!)

Trent & Tara said...

Amen to everything you said girl. That book has also been a life saver for me...thanks to you I have my own copy. I don't know how people can stay sane without a schedual daily. It is just good to know what to expect. And plan your day around things.

The Richards in Canada said...

I love schedules. Our kids go to bed late but wake up late...but you already know that. I think Nali stayed up at your house when we watched Holes until 12:00...remember the treats you bought on Ty's Dad's Maverick card...ahhh the memories. That last paragraph sounds familiar...Sam doing homework me watching TV...

Lauren said...

Whats the books? How did you establish the schedule? Details, I need details?!

Lauren said...

Thanks for getting back to me! I think I'm gonna get that book. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all different with Allie. I've been doing the "cry it out" thing with Mark. He's done really well. He usually sleeps through the night and take two good naps during the day but not Allie. She's not even 3 and gave up napping. Sometimes she gets so onry!!! Anyway thanks for the post!

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