sticker IQ

over the years husband and i have developed what we like to call "bumper sticker IQ" (i'm not even going to get into crazy personalized plates). we basically decided that certain stickers have certain points attached to them. but here's the kicker, the more points, the lower your IQ (hey, this is all for fun). i'd say, if you have more than one that counts, you have plenty of time to remove the most offending stickers before i run into you again.

These stickers don't count:
save tahoe
save fenway
ron paul
proud parent of an autistic child (woot woot danna!)
honor roll
sticky families (for now i'd say they are still neutral)

These ones do:
calvin peeing or pooping on anything
calvin praying at a gravesite
"strippling warriors"
"i'd rather be scrapping/shopping/quilting" (sports ones are exempt : )
"go to my scrap/sticker/"
"mean people suck" (i wish i still saw that one around)
"lost your cat? look under my tires"
"my kid can beat up your honor roll student"
"nice people scare me"
"you looked better on myspace"
"who are these kids and why do they keep calling me mom?"
"bad a&* boys drive bad a*% toys"
"keep honking, i'm reloading"
"what if the hokey pokey IS what it's all about?"
"what would gandolf do?"
"ditch the ____, let's go hunting" (i think that one is 100 points)

for some reason, the really good ones i've forgotten. what are your favorites?


Lauren said...

"Don't Stroke it Ram it"... that's gotta be like -200 IQ points!

Annie Leavitt said... true!

Becky J. said...

I don't allow bumper stickers on my car now that I actually own a nicer one, but when I had my dumpier one my bumper sticker said "Not so close, I'm not that kind of car." You might remember it. I bought it at a truck stop, so how many IQ points do I get for that? :)

The Richards in Canada said...

Ok, this one is a little crude...but I think it's the winner...
Dodge The Father Ram the Daughter..
Thanks for the laugh!

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