birthdays and the sabbath don't mix

once i became a mom, i realized i only get two days a year (mothers day/birthday) where i can pretty much do what i want without ty blinking an eye. but this year, they were both on sundays. what's up with that? oh what? you like going to 3 hours of church with your kids on the day after daylight savings? it doesn't bother you that they woke up at 5:30 am with the time change and got cranky by 4pm? wow, hats off to you because it pretty much sucked. but thanks to phonecalls and facebook, i still felt the love. thanks.

i still get to go out with hubby tonight, and pick out my gift. i know, i'm excited too! but overall, birthdays just don't have as much pizzaz as they used too.

cupcakes for school, surprise birthday parties, new clothes. wait, who am i kidding? I never grew up with birthdays like that. but i still like to take a moment on my day of birth and appreciate all that i have.

for now, i'm loving that i finally got my favorite face lotion back thanks to some birthday moolah.


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Annie! I am so happy that you were born and became one of my closest friends! Have fun going out with Ty tonight! You deserve it!

Becky J. said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it was on a Sunday and not even a fun Sunday (Sophie was a basket case, too, so you're not alone) but I hope that you still had a good one. Know that you're loved by so many, and treat yourself to something great and fun! Love ya!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday!!!
I love the Halloween pictures. Abby's bunny face is the best! :)

Anonymous said...

So I called your home phone changed your number!!! When did that happen? Check your cell phone. I did call that and got voicemail. Happy Birthday. Oh and by the way I agree. Birthdays on Sunday are definitely not fun.

Trent & Tara said...

I am sorry it was on a Sunday. So is mine. can't really do much can you?? That face lotiong looks pretty fancy. I need some help with my face..I have been breaking out so bad lately. Ya...I never had parties like that growing up either. ha ha

Danna Banana said...

sorry you had a poopy birthday. Better luck next year. The good news is that you have dozens of birthdays ahead of you!!! I'm glad I get to see them!

Hogs and Kisses!!!

Katie M said...

happy birthday! go scorpios!

p.s. i've been dying to try that lotion but i can't bring myself to pay for it.

Audrey said...

Happy late birthday! I have to agree that when your a mom birthdays just aren't the same. But it is fun having your kids tell you happy birthday for like a week. (Stockton) =)

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