future vegetarian

last night i roasted a turkey. i dream some day of cooking my 'own' thanksgiving meal. for now my mom let's me pretend like i'm helping at hers.

back to our turkey. while sticking into the oven lucy asks, "mom, what is wrong with that chicken?".
"it's a turkey dear" ( i swear i sound more and more like my mom every day).
"Oh, well, it still is funny looking."

we sit down to eat my dry turkey (i need to get my sis in law's brine recipe) and lucy attacks us with a barrage of questions:
"where is it's head?"
"can it still walk?"
"what happens after we eat it?"
"what is this part?" (poking at it w/ her fork)
"look mom, i'm making it talk!"
"why is it dead?"
"who killed it?"
"can we have spaghetti?"

meanwhile, abby is chowing down on her second helping and belting out "mmeeeeeaat...mmmeeeeat!" no worries there with that child; she came out of the womb a carnivore.


Melanie said...

Hahahaha! I'm with Abby.

Did you try cooking it in a bag?! Works like a charm for me! :)

Becky J. said...

So funny! We're all very much carnivores around far.

I love that you blog about everything! If you made it into a book one day your girls would get the biggest kick out of reading all these hilarious things they said and did. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is Priceless!!! I'm still laughing! ~ Tara Sandoval

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