i am not a good samaritan

we have a gorgeous english walnut tree out our front door. not only does it shade us all summer long, but now, at this time, it drops it's huge walnuts down for us. there are plenty, and last year I had dreams of cracking them open and giving them in neat little mason jars to neighbors and friends for recipes.

and then, one afternoon, a family came by and asked ty if they could take 'some'. well, just imagine my face when i come home and they are all gone. we still got two grocery bags full, one for our landlord, one for us. but i was angry. mainly because walnuts are so dang expensive.

well, this afternoon, i woke up from my nap (yes, sometimes i nap, you would too if you worked out every morning before the sun rises), and hear the rustling of leaves. i walk outside and see people all over my yard, taking my walnuts. ooh, i was angry (mainly from the nap waking) but they could see my scary face. the two women walked sheepishly with bulging bags back into the car. and the man stayed, and explained that last year my husband said yes. i then explained back that i was 'angry' that they took all of them. they aren't even ours to give away. i told him they could take one bag and leave the rest. he dumped his out and said they only had one in the car. i saw them load the car, i knew what they had. i told them to just leave, we use them for baking and stuff. he said most people just throw theirs out so they take them. well not me! i was so pissed.

and now, i feel a little ashamed. mostly because some of ours went bad last year, and this family might need them more than we do. but i think, hey, i bet this guy is selling them to his neighbors for 5 bucks a bag or something (which is a steal). who knows right? just remember, don't wake up annie from naps. she'll be grumpy at you too. and she won't share either.


Bowler Family said...

I would have walked to their car and tskenback ALL of my walnuts. They should at least have decentsy to ask! People like that piss me off too.

Bowler Family said...

I meant to say 'taken back' not 'tskenback'. Im trying to type one handed, left handed!

Danna Banana said...

Bad, Bad manners on their part. You should ask permission every year.
I would even go so far as to put a sign up by the tree saying, "if you would like some walnuts, please ask permission, otherwise you are stealing right now!"
Just give Lucy the chore of harvesting them every day. Great activity.

Katie M said...

this CRACKED me up. i would be fuming too!

Melanie said...

I can understand why you'd be upset. Especially after being waking up from a nap - I'm not super nice right after being disturbed either. :)

Danna is right, they should ask every year. Didn't people start doing that with your folks' pomegranates? I think they asked one year, and then they just sort of disappeared after that. :)

Melanie said...

I meant woken!

Becky J. said...

This same thing happened to my grandpa with his orange trees! He had a guy ask once to pick some, and when they came home his entire trees were bare! What on earth are these people thinking, taking everything? I can understand a few, but ALL your walnuts? Crazy.

The Yardley's said...

oh the nerve of some people! You are a lot nicer then I would have been!

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