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"look mom!" yells lucy, running into my room from hers.
(pointing to ariel's 'shell' bra) "you have one of those thingies just like ariel does. just yours isn't purple!"

"yup, you're right" was my response.

as you can see, we are still very vague on body parts and clothing articles with our daughters. any suggestions?


Danna Banana said...

You've got to use the words honey! And you have to shape her behavior in public on when it is appropriate to use them.
Just be matter of fact and unembarrassed.
Don't worry about her using the words, anyone with class will understand and think it is charming. You will cringe and then re-direct her.
You can do this!

Lauren said...

AH! Isn't it crazy how immodest those dang Disney Princesses are?! I don't know what to do... throw the TV out?

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sister...use correct words and explain public appropriatness. Yes, it is a little awkward to hear those words coming from a four year olds mouth but it is better than having them pointing and calling everything "that thing"

Audrey said...

Just tell her its an "over the shoulder boulder holder" and then if she says anything about it in public people will just laugh. =)

Danna Banana said...

I think it is important to teach modesty through pride and not shame. Our bodies are wonderful and amazing and exciting. I have always spoken about anatomy in the context of amazement and appreciation and I hope that some of that has meant something to my boy.
Good luck with this Annie.

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