words of wisdom de ty

so i'm still waiting for my dear sis to email me pics from her visit (hint hint) and waiting therefore to blog about it. obviously i can't wait any longer. the major accomplishment of the visit is ty survived even that much more estrogen in his house for 5 days, who knew?
one of the days, amidst all of our girl talk( i don't even remember what the topic was about), ty says:
"well, all you have to do is look at her shoes"
at first i thought he was joking, because if you know ty, he knows nothing of fashion in this world except the history of red sox uniforms. i laughed and asked, "whaat?"
and this is his reply:

"you can tell a girl by her shoes. if she's hobbling about in high heels or weird boots, she's not going to be a girl who'll jump at the chance to go hiking or camping"
wow. totally didn't see that one coming. and he was serious! no wonder he got me, i think the only shoes i wore till we got married were vans and reefs (which i happened to sneak on at our reception too).

of course he's generalizing, because why can't we be both? i love me some pairs of nice stilettos and (as my mom says, really) do-me-boots. but i'm also not one to shy away from wipey baths and outdoor plumbing for several days. it's a paradox i tell ya. thank goodness i go to church every sunday because those boots would just stay dusty in the bottom of my closet without a place to go.

but, maybe, just maybe, he may be right when it comes to most women? i need input on this one.


Danna Banana said...

working on the photos tonight! Got the hint!
I think he is just pointing out that it is easy to spot high maintenance women, tomboys, as well as the less adventurous by their choices of footwear, hairstyle, clothing and of course attitudes.
You are what you do and visual men totally respond accordingly.
The older I get, I am more about the shoes myself. Got me some HOT double strap high heel mary janes!! Yippee! Conservative with a splash of the naugh-tay!! WInk wink! :)

Annie Leavitt said...

i think it mainly surprised me that he pays attention to things other than body parts : ).

Dal said...

As someone who earns a living judging people by what shoes they are wearing, trust me Ty is correct. You can say that you enjoy wearing your Vans and Reefs, but for more social cases you would like to pull out some heels. Now I am going to go ahead and guess that you wouldn't go to the grocery store in some Steve Madden sling back heels. But a girl who would do so, is likely going to decline a invite to the Narrows to build a fort. You can tell alot about someone with what they wear in a casual setting.

Becky J. said...

I think there are definitely some women who fit that generalization, but like you, I'm not one of them. I like to be casual and sporty one minute and get all dolled up the next. But I love that he even noticed that.

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