two days ago we told lucy we were traveling to logandale on friday.
she wet the bed that night.
she wet the bed last night.
how did i forget in one short year how weird my child gets around Christmas?

your probably thinking, "her kids can't get that bad", and so, i have a little story to tell you about our last holiday vacation. we'll call it...

The Poopy Christmas.
*due to my husband's pleading i am not posting the story. let's just say it was really, really bad. just think worse case scenario with a 3 yr old who's regressing with the potty and mad at her sister at the same time.

enough said. it was horrifying, disgusting and not the way to start off Christmas eve. and it almost ( i mean, so close) happened again Christmas day before i caught on.

i know it can never be as bad as last year, but i wonder what will happen this Christmas?


Austrie said...

haha! that story makes me laugh so hard, i almost wet my pants! :) I still remember when you told Can't wait to see you guys!

Melanie said...

Don't worry! I'll be there to help again if we need to! :)

See you tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Doesn't sound fun!

Audrey said...

okay that totally left me hanging. now i really want to hear the story. hope your Christmas was good this year!

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