one of our holiday traditions (among many) is to cut down our own christmas tree. this year we were a little short on time and didn't have the luxury of shopping for the "right" one, but the girls think it's fabulous. i think it's kind of ugly (but only $6, so it's a trade off).

it was still a lot of fun to get out with ty's family away from everything. thanks to grandma and granpa ty and i had 4 hours of traveling with no kids. it was nice.

who knew southern nevada could look like this?
daddy and his girls. notice lucy's posing phase right now.
grandma leavitt,auntie taryn and the girls
beautiful sunset that ty made me get in the picture for. he caught me mid smile.


Lauren said...

We love getting our own tree too. Can't beat the smell of a real tree!
Oh and our Tanksgiving pie table tooked about the same. Everybody's gotta have their own pie, right?!

Anonymous said...

I love Lucy's pose!!! Bring on the teenage years! ha ha

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