abby's weight problems

picture is of abby and her 9 month old cousin matthew

today was abby's 2 year well-baby check up. we cruised in expecting a quick weigh in, measure, yes. yes, she does this. yes, she does that. ok. thank you.

but no maam. abby is 21lbs, 31.5inches.
last check up she was 21 lbs, 30 inches.
she has stopped gaining, again.
she has had previous problems with gaining weight, but we thought that was passed us. guess not.

we are now supposed to start up pediasure again. butter. ice cream. and high calorie dense food (think pop tarts). why can't i be on this diet?

i'm sure she's fine. i'm hoping the blood tests/urinalysis come out negative. i kept telling the dr that i was short and small ( i promise, i was) until high school. let's keep our fingers crossed that's the case and not some thyroid/crazy thing.


me said...

I totally feel your pain! Jared is 23/24 pounds and 34 inches tall! Tall yet skinny! He hasn't gained anything for a while either. He has been on pediasures for 4 or 5 months. They are so stinkin' expensive though. But yes, we load on the butter on his rolls/bread and let him have his snacks. I wish I had that problem myself. It's kinda weird to see the resemblance between the 2 both being 5 weeks early and having gaining issues.

Dal said...

Ummm Annie you were still short and small in high school too....

We do have our fingers crossed for you as well that it isn't anything serious, but I am think short Mom syndrome.

Tam said...
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Tam said...

I like the term "short mom syndrome" - funny. Sydney has short dad syndrome, yikes, he might not like to hear that, but you know how tiny his siblings are. Anyway, she's a little runt and I alternate between worrying and not. We do the pediasure thing too, expensive and gross (tip: get the walmart brand, you probably already knew that), but I do think the stuff helps. Best wishes for little Abby and good test results.

Lauren said...

Wow. Mark weighs 21 lbs...
I want to be on Abby's diet too!

Carrie said...

I don't know what's so weird about Abby's diet. I'm licking a butter popsicle right this second!

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