so, the mani/pedi never happened.
but i did snab an easy read fluff book for the weekend that worked wonders. made me feel like the best mom ever- as it is about park avenue dysfunctional families and how they have nannies raise their kids.

the weekend was nice and slow. did absolutely nothing except let texas take some pictures of us.

stressed out over my church lesson for hours and hours only to find out it's the week i don't have to teach. nice.

had some friends over for dinner and laughed and laughed over the fact that i, again, for the second time in my life, baked a cake and forgot the flour. (in case your wondering, it just boils over like chocolate soup)

this morning the gym was packed, again with resolutioners.
but i still got a bike in spin, so i'm ok.
anyways, it's snowing and that has cheered me right up.
happy monday it is.


Deborah said...


crazy Aunt Deborah here!!!!
you are so adorable and I have really missed knowing you better through these years--so glad we have this fun way to get reacquainted and actually keep in touch!

my blog is here
love you much!

Lauren said...

I've seen the movie the Nanny Diaries and I couldn't believe it! Crazy there are actually people like that!

Melanie said...

I'll have to remember that book next time I need a pick me up. I love watching super nanny for the same reason. It makes me feel like a great mommy! :)

Glad you had a slow weekend. I want to see these pictures! :)

What did you make for dessert?!

Carrie said...

Hey, at least this time you didn't eat the cake anyway and get sick! (I'm assuming...) Glad you had a nice weekend!

Mmmm...chocolate soup...

Danna Banana said...

Validation city! Love the "Diaries". Sorry about the cake too. Sucks to be you!

Stephanie and Paul said...

wasn't the first time the day of amy's bachelorette party? and you had eaten some or something? and we drove up and down state street in carrie's car and you had to stop...?

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