beating the duldrums

these last two weeks have been, well, just blah. and i mean, blaaaaah.

i am so tired, i don't want to workout. after i workout, i'm so tired i can't do anything else.

i have no motivation to do my laundry or cleaning. but, in the off chance that having it done will make me feel good, i complete it. and yet, i still feel ick.

i have no desire for social interaction. i avoid people at the gym, grocery store, library, you name it.

the book i am currently reading, is about sudanese refugees "the lost boys". it is sad, tragic, horrifying and wonderful all at the same time. i can barely read 30 pages at a time before i need a break.

and to top it all off (or maybe this is the real reason?) the inversion over our valley is suffocating me with gray skies and smog. and freezing weather. and now, rain. snow i wouldn't mind, but the rain just makes everything worse.

i hate to say this, but i really think that a mani/pedi would solve all these 'blah' problems. he he.


Carrie said...

Go get a mani/pedi! You deserve it! I totally understand the "blahs" cuz I've been feeling 'em too. You know what helps me when I'm feeling trapped in by gray skies and rain (I DO live in Seattle, ya know)? I go lay in a tanning bed. I lather myself up with sunscreen or else I'll get scorched. But I just lay in there and pretend I'm laying on the beach on some isolated tropical island sipping on some non-alcoholic (or alcholic--depending on how bad my week is going!) daquiri, and somehow that makes my troubles go away. At least for a few hours!

Katie M said...

Oooooh man, I know how you feel. Winter is really getting to me this year! It's really hard to stay motivated. And trust me, I avoid social interaction at all costs when I'm feeling this way.

It's cliche but true: you're not alone!

Get the mani pedi.

p.s. I bought Cameron some loafers that were on sale at Banana Republic. He hated them. Hated them. Then we fought about it. Hahaha. This is what you get for marrying boys who wear baseball caps every day of their lives. Gotta love it!

Tam said...

Michael worked with an attending who would slather sunscrean on his hands and face and offer it to anyone around because he thought the smell was a good Detroit winter (and everything else depressing about Detroit) pick me up! So maybe a tanning session is just the trick, or at least a small help.

Melanie said...

You should go get a girly movie or book and just immerse yourself! :) Sometimes I need to remove myself from everything in order to feel more like myself.

Or find more stuff to sell on Craigslist! Talk about a natural high!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

This is when I start planning my imaginary trips to the Bahamas on Expedia.

Becky J. said...

It's January. I always get this way in January, too. I think I need to have a baby in January sometime just so there's something to celebrate and plan for! Otherwise it's a completely useless month, especially in Utah where it's so cold and the inversion is more likely to be hanging around than not. Sorry! I know--come to California! I won't even make you talk to me if you aren't feeling sociable! The weather is great right now and it will cure those doldrums right up for you! :)

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