lucy's bad habit

our sweet and vivacious lucy is officially a nail biter. it started in november, a few days before her first primary program. the pediatrician said it might pass. it hasn't.

i can not stand the noise it makes. click. click. click. click. she even is biting the skin around the nails and asks for band-aids when they bleed. i know, gross.

i'm "supposed" to not bring attention to it. i'm "supposed" to redirect her to do something different with her hands. you'd think as a former ABA therapist this would be easy to do. no way. it is so hard.

today i've been giving her they eye to stop. you know, the look your mom would give you that sends chills down your spine. i have no pity or sympathy for her like a mother should. it's driving me crazy.

please tell me lots of stories about how you were nail biters and are now normal, well adjusted adults today (with long beautiful nails).


Becky J. said...

Sorry, never bit my nails (unless one was already broken or tearing and I didn't have a file handy). But I'm sure she'll grow up to be a normal, well-adjusted adult, even if she does this into adulthood. I can imagine it's super frustrating, though. And yeah, all that stuff they tell you to do when your child is doing something you don't want her to (like smacking her sister repeatedly on the head)? WAY harder than I thought before I had children. But pretty much everything is, I guess. Good luck with that!

Danna Banana said...

Sounds like a stress reliever for her.
I would try having lotion sessions a few times a day. Sit and massage some yummy smelling lotion a few times a day followed by some strong hugs.

Whatever you try will take a few days before you see any impact.

I used to gnaw on my hands as a kid too. I still chomp on my cuticles.

Have fun with this one.

Bowler Family said...

Joshlyn used to chew her nails and my aunt told her that there were worms beneath her nails and if she chewed them she was eating the worms. She stopped. I used to bite mine and my dad told me boys didn't like chewed up nails. I was like 10. So I stopped!! I think the worm thing might work the best !!! Luv Ashley

jes said...

i have a story.

i was a nail biter. a pretty serious one. i nibbled those things constantly until my fingers were little stubs. my parents tried all sorts of things to get me to stop: of course i did not stop. their efforts to stop me seemed to make me more interested in continuing. then one day in fourth grade, the boy across the table from me in home room, scott, looked at my hands and said, "you bite your nails. gross." and i never bit a nail again. the end.

(you decide whether or not i'm a happy, well-adjusted adult.)

my advice? ignore it. and someday it might go away. (or, like me, she could end up with a serious blood infection from biting the things through the skin.)

Bonnie Walker said...

Sorry Annie, I still fight myself with that habbit! BUt if you could see my nails today you would be proud! I wish someone had tied my hands down when I was little so I would have quit. I would have to say that I'm probably not too well adjusted but for right now my nails are long.

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