not another potty

we now have 2 potties in our "one butt bathroom".

abby's insistence on 'going' finally worked and i brought out the baby bjorn last week.
i have not asked her once to use it. in fact, i hate potty training and her cute tush is so small i wouldn't mind waiting another year.
but she is the second child, and wants to do everything that lucy does.
so far our tally is:
#1-8 times

I do not want to buy undies for her and am secretly hoping she stops. how terrible is that?


Carrie said...

you are the first parent i have ever known in my entire life that wants to impede their child's potty training! tsk tsk! You just don't want your little baby to grow up...maybe it's time for #3???

Danna Banana said...

I totally see your point Annie. Diapers are soooo much easier and predictable. I would LOVE to put my boys back in diapers. Hmmmmm.
Just hang in there. This new concept will get more familiar over time. I'm so glad she is motivated. That makes all the difference!!!
Yay Abby!!

Melanie said...

You crack me up! But I totally understand where you are coming from. Especially as she's just barely two. I'd be worried about regressing, so I probably wouldn't be pushing/encouraging her either! :) She sounds pretty determined though. Good luck with that!

Becky J. said...

I wish Sophie were having that "problem"! She says she wants to go in the potty, but her body still doesn't understand when it's going other than when she toots. That's funny you don't want her potty trained yet!

my name is becky kelly said...

I'm not very gung ho (sp?) about training Faith either. I've kindof been working at it a little bit because either Faith or Zack has had the runs for almost 3 weeks now (they've been trading off) and we're going through diapers like they're free! I don't know if I can remember the days when I didn't have to look at baby poo every day of my life.
-Becky Kelly

Bonnie Walker said...

we are so going through the same thing! David took his diaper off the other day and went potty on my bed. The has been trying to use the toilet for a couple of weeks now and I have gone back to onesies so he can't do it alone! I hope he lets me wait until the summer!

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