playing cards

last night my sister sarah and me at our dinner table. time 10:15pm:
"i bought these decks of cards at the dollar store, sweet huh?"
"cool..let's play" (we love to play nert, or some less fortunate people call it nerts)

start shuffling cards and setting up...
"ew, these cards feel gross."
"this is going to be hard to play with them"
"yuck, what is coming off of them? stupid dollar store"
"i watched this documentary where some asian companies put panda poop in their paper"
"um, ok...i'm done" we both stand up and wash our hands.

luckily we found the expensive bicycle cards pack in the back of the closet. i never knew the difference before between cards. probably because my family only ever had the nice ones for that reason.

make sure you don't play with any panda poop ones ok?


Carrie said...

i've heard that panda poop is special for some reason, although i don't remember why. those asian peeps were probably just trying to send you some good luck!

Becky J. said...

Uh, the CORRECT spelling is nertz. :) That's my favorite game ever, but Joseph won't ever play me because he can't keep up and never wins. He only plays strategy games that he kicks butt in. Hopefully we're not playing with any panda poop cards, though! That's too funny (but gross!)

Lauren said...

YUCK!! I hope it wasn't really panda poop. But that picture you put with the post is so funny!

I went to see your dad today! He was bummed at me cuz I didn't have any cavities! I wasn't bummed though.. he he!

Katie M said...

I have never heard of this panda poop thing! Hilarious!

Melanie said...

Hahahahaha! That's too funny. Wish we could play with you. I'm going to get all rusty! :)

Stephanie and Paul said...

i want to know how you found that picture--you googled "panda poop" didn't you?

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