training day #39

still running. running in the snow. running in the desert (thank you logandale for 3 saturdays in a row with no snow!). running on a treadmill (gasp). running in my sleep.

i've been lacking motivation since new year's week. i'm hoping the lack thereof was created by eating mounds of chocolate and capn' crunch cereal at my mom's (it had been too long, i think years since i'd had cap'n crunch!).
maybe the motivation will creep in somehow, somewhere. for now, i'm just trudging along with my glorified jog that i call running.

today: 4 fast miles on the treadmill. i almost passed out at 3, so i walked the last one.


Danna Banana said...

I feel ya. I know your motivation will come back. Good for you for working through the boredom.

Melanie said...

You can do it Annie!!

(By the way, Billy likes the new workout clothes a lot! Thanks for your help!)

Miss you guys. It already feels like it's been a while, and not a few days!

The Yardley's said...

You go girl! I couldn't even walk a mile! You are like Superwoman or something!

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