i cannot tell a lie

so, apologies are in order for all the people who asked me if i was pregnant before we were telling people, and i had to, um, tell them no.

i really tried not to lie and answered your questions like this:

Q."so, are you guys trying for a 3rd?"
A. "no"

Q. "so, when do you think you guys will have another one?"
A. "oh, i'm sure some time. but not right now."

Q. "so, ready for another one?"
A. "oh my, no i don't think so"

Q. "so, when do you think you guys will have another baby?"
A. "oh, someday i'm sure"

Q. "how many kids do you guys think you'll have?"
A. "oh, one at a time"

the only person i think i truly told a falsehood to was my brother. he asked, "are you pregnant?" we had just found out, like, 3 days before and were still in shock. me: "no! what made you think that?" sorry bill.

no one really asked if i was pregnant before i was. what is up with that? is it written across my blemished face and bloated gut?


Carrie said...

Wow! Very impressed by your ability to not lie. All of your answers were truthful! You are so good--if it were me I would be blabbing it to everyone, seeking their sympathy for the untimeliness of it all!

Btw, a few months back a friend of mine (a guy, of course) who I hadn't seen for a while looked straight at my gut and said, "So...are you pregnant?" Nice. At least people ask you AFTER you already are.

Melanie said...

Don't worry, I'm totally sure Billy's not upset about the lie! :)

So, does your face break out when you're first pregnant too?! Ugh! I HATE that. It's just not bad enough that you feel rotten, but your face has to suddenly look like it did 15 years ago too!

Miss you guys!

Stuart Humes said...

You don't get to feel bad about this one! You only have to tell when you feel ready to tell! When we were prego with Stockton, I didn't tell anyone, ever, I just let them all figure it out as I got Fat, it was awesome! I was about 16 weeks before even my mom figured it out, and she was mad, but eventually she got over it!

Parker and Christine said...

Congrats Annie!!! I was hoping to run with you when I get back to Provo, but I guess that will have to wait. I hope you feel better soon - and I am excited to see you when we come back to Provo in April. I guess I better ask you if you will be around for the summer???

The Richards in Canada said...

CONGRATS!!! When's the due date?

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