our 2 year old

yes, abby has been a 2 year old for 2 months now. it's not hard to believe when you are around her.
she loves to be obstinate. she loves to say no. she loves to scowl. she loves to run away from me in the yard...and not come back.

she loves tickles, and laughs, and flowers and bugs. we have another bug lover. she loves to go on walks and play outside.

she also loves to sing and dance. we have to hold her down in church to keep her from dancing in the isles during hymns. but her songs are hilarious and i need to record one for posterity. one day it was all about wipeys-literally. it went a little like this:
"wipeeeey, wipey, wipeeeey, wipeeeeys, i dike wipeeeeeeeeeeeys!"

we can't believe how grown up she is getting. she even is starting to sport some love handles. hooray!

so that is my cheesy post about our cute little toddler.

photo courtesy of miss texas.


Deborah said...

fabulous picture--what a gorgeous girl.

2 year olds are my FAVORITE. I love everything about them--even their obstinacy! amaing to watch them coming into their own as people.

Deborah said...

uh...that would be AMAZING... sheesh gotta edit better before I push the send button!

me said...

She is so cute. You can't deny that your girls are related that's for sure.

Yay for love handles. Jared has started the whole stubborness and running away from me too. I was hoping it was the age.

Melanie said...

We miss you Abby, Babby! You are getting to be such a big girl!

Trent & Tara said...

Cute photo of her. Shows off her sweet side. Not her scowling NO side. Ha ha. She is getting to be so grown up. I can't believe how fast they grow. My favorite is when she says Elin for Evelyn. ha

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