time change

does anyone else's kids take forever to adjust to the time change?

in other news: ty and i had been holding out over who would change the clocks around the house. he said, and i quote: "that's not a man's job". i know, i know, it was too funny then too.

so, i held out for two weeks.

just yesterday he set all of the clocks.

i totally won : )


Melanie said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh my gosh!

Have you ever seen the Everybody Loves Raymond episode with the suitcase?! You'd love it!

Rawson Family said...

Ah that's great!

Joe would Be glad to hear that the is some one more stubborn then I am.
Ya and I am still having a hard time with the kids on the time change.

my name is becky kelly said...

Man, I am still trying to get used to this time change. for some reason, it's killing me! We didn't eat dinner today until after 7! ... SEVEN! and it was wasn't even all the way dark yet!
ok, I'm done now.
*Becky Kelly*

Tam said...

email me your email address, our blog is private -yuck- i almost couldn't even write the p word. so sad. thanks

Tam said...

OOPS! here's my email address:

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