we went to logandale this weekend to see ty's little bro come home from the mish. it was a really great weekend with lots of family and fabulous weather. and it was neat to hear taylor talk about the people form Georgia. we stayed at tyson's house and the girls ruled the roost for 3 whole days. they were so worn out they both slept about 14 hours sunday night.
lucy was so excited to give hime her "card"
i love hellos a lot better than goodbyes.
tara, taylor, trent, evelyn
abby and the balloons that wouldn't die
abby and cousin aus


Carrie said...

So fun! I'm sure the girls had a blast. Family time is so great! Glad your little bro in-law made it home safe and sound. (And Lucy is so cute, btw.)

Austrie said...

Fun weekend! The warmth was very much snowed all afternoon yesterday here in rexburg.

Melanie said...

Glad you had a good time. I've been thinking about you since we talked. You sure look good in the group picture! :)

Sorry about the whole queasy thing - that sucks!

Trent & Tara said...

Yay for the pics. That was nice of you to put us on there as well. That was a very fun weekend, with very nice weather. I was sad to tell Taylor bye on Sunday. I just wanted to hang with him more. Yes, those balloons wouldn't die. Man your girls got very worn out from all the excitement of the weekend. 14 hours is a long time.

marshall memories said...

Annie! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Congrats on baby #3!! That's so awesome!! Hope you guys are doing great and that's fun Taylor's back! Nothing better then having them home!!

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