crazy zzz's

we are still on vacation-an extended one. poor ty had to go back up for spring term but i am taking the opportunity to be lazy and stay at my mom's for a few more days. i have lots of pictures but for now i have had the craziest dreams and had to report:

Dream #1:
2 days ago i had a dream the baby is a girl. it was so neat to see her and ty and i were discussing names in the delivery room. we thought up some pretty awesome girl names too.

Dream #2:
last night i dreamed that it was a boy. but i didn't realize it was a boy till the middle of sacrament meeting when i looked down and saw that he was in a dress and bonnet. i started freaking out worrying about how i would get some boy clothes for the little tyke before anyone noticed. ha ha.

i think all these dreams are due to the fact that i'm hormonal. and also because we are leaving the sex of the baby a surprise. maybe i should rethink this if i keep having nightmares like last night.


Melanie said...

Pregnancy dreams are so weird - and so real!! I hope they get better for you. You need to sleep while you can.

I wonder what you'll have. Jill always seemed to know from her dreams. I've only kind of known once, and I had that dream the night before I had him.

I'm glad you stayed a few more days. I'm sure your parents and the girls are loving it. :)

Lauren said...

Ha ha!
Pregnancy dreams are the craziest!
Maybe you'll get twins, one of each.. it could be a Leavitt thing!

my name is becky kelly said...

Shanan had a dream that Hunter (unknown gender) was a cute little brown haired girl named "dirt" and he had a dream that Landon (also gender unknown) was a little indian baby and he was born in 7-11 so I named him "situ" because of the crazy "situation" when he was born.
wow, is HE hormonal?
-Becky Kelly-

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