eggs eggs eggs

of course we had to dye our eggs tonight. lucy was excited as ever but couldn't quite remember how to do it, which is surprising because she usually remembers everything.
we made abby think that she was dying the eggs by just sitting there watching the cup. she caught on after a few and wanted to be more "hands on".
i've always loved this tradition, i don't exactly know why. maybe it's the bright colors. and eating deviled eggs the next day that are stained blue and pink.


Melanie said...

Love the pictures! Looks like so much fun. We did the same last night too.

Lucy's hair is so cute. :) We just cut Emily's last night. It's just a tiny bit longer than Lucy's!! :) That's too funny.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Lucy has such a cute grown-up girl hair cut. Coloring eggs is a wonderful ritual, you're such a good mom for passsing it on, I shudder in horror to think of Jara with egg dye!

Carrie said...

Looks like tons of fun! Ty especially looks like he's having a blast. :-) I love how you tried to trick little Abby--she showed you! Happy belated Easter!!!

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