me: hey ty, does my hair look cute curly or like i just woke up?
ty: um...
me: a little of both?
ty: (quizzical look)

this is when i really miss my roommates and sisters.


Becky J. said...

From an old roommate, it looks cute curly! Guys: can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em.

Melanie said...

Yea, I feel the same sometimes too. I really love it when Billy asks me when I'm going to get a haircut. I figure it must be getting too long and unruly if he actually thinks to ask that. :)

Hope you have a fun, relaxing trip!

Carrie said...

Seriously. I have had to tell Peter just to lie when I ask questions like that because all I'm really needing is some validation. Roommates just know that automatically!

Terril Family said...

I think your hair is definately cute curly. You're just beautiful no matter how you do it!

Hey, I think we're going to be in CA the same time as you guys. Maybe we'll see you. I heard the guys talking on the phone, conjuring up some plan to go to a FORD place right by Disneyland... that's our husbands for you!

Have a safe trip down there:)

Rawson Family said...

Hey I understand because Joe does the deer head lights stair and me all the time. I do miss my sisters, not only for there honest opinions but also for the two extra closets to go through. I would have to say You have always seem to know what to do with you hair because it always looked cute.

Rawson Family said...

By the way Congrats on your up and coming. Yah # 3

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