so, as to keep up with my oversharing tendencies, i will fill you in on my historical pregnancies and weight gains.

Baby #1- kept jogging for 14 weeks. stopped when it started to "hurt a little" and basically did nothing till the baby came. oh, and i had 15 credits independent study. so i read 12 novels, wrote 20 papers, took 8 tests and ate banana splits, quesadillas and french fries. gained 50 lbs. that's right, fifty. baby came 7 days early. a beautiful, fat, healthy baby.

Baby #2- found out pregnant after SLC 1/2 marathon. kept jogging for 7 months, 3X a week. great pregnancy. ate healthy, took all my prenatal vitamins. i was a good girl (insert pat on back here). gained 25 lbs. preterm labor started 6 weeks early. baby came 5 weeks early with lungs that were only about 30 weeks mature. a beautiful, skinny, scrawny, premature baby. in NICU for 2 weeks. lost all the weight at the hospital. gained 30 lbs while at home with preemie for RSV season. go figure : )

Baby #3-found out pregnant while training for SLC Marathon. what is it with that thing? kept running till 10 weeks. a lot of red flags forced the running to end, and the crunching and weight lifting and pilates and lunges. now all the lifting i do is from my plate to my mouth. i've tried to eat well, but in reality i'm doing a pretty crappy job. i can't help but think of my history:

eat like crap and sit on buttocks=healthy baby.
eat healthy and exercise=sick preemie.

i know that's not a good predictor of things. but i just hope this baby doesn't come out with 12 fingers from all the mcdonald's filet o' fishes i ate. (i'm sorry, i really am, but it was all i could stomach) oh, and fruit snacks. who craves fruit snacks? so far i'm in denial about what i can and can't do, and have asked the nurse to not tell me my weight. i can't decide if that's a good thing or as the picture states "pregnancy-induced dilusional thinking."

*note* tyson has always, ahem, fibbed for me and told me i look fabulous throughout all of these ups and downs. hooray for smart husbands : )


Bowler Family said...

Don't worry about your weight. Not that I'm one to talk because I obsessed about it... but I promise filet o fish does not equal 12 fingers. Trust me. Ella only has ten. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so easy for me to say ", sit on your bum and have a healthy baby," but you're right it sucks. A little dilusional thinking every now and then is okay. ;-)

Becky J. said...

I'd say it's totally triplets, except that the other babies usually don't grow in the thighs and that's where I gain the weight. It's not fair, is it? We shouldn't have to throw everything away to have a baby! Good luck keeping it down!

Deborah said...

one of my children was composed entirely of snack sized snickers--it was the only thing that stayed down.

Another was wholly formed on Hostess HoHOs.

filetofish is a huge improvement over THAT--at least is has some protein!!!

Lauren said...

I craved KFC everyday when I was prego with Allie.. yeah I gained a ton. I'm not gonna say how much...

I'm all for big healthy babies! Do what you have to do! :)

Carrie said...

I've never been pregnant, but it sounds like you know what you're doing. I mean, you're listening to your body, and your body is telling you to eat at Mcdonald's! Who are you to disagree?? :-)

Melanie said...

I think, no matter how hard we try when we are prego, we all crave and then eat foods that aren't exactly what we would call "healthy and nutritious." Just remember, the insane cravings will get to be not so crazy or demanding, and you will loose the weight when all is said and done. You're following your doctor's advice, which is the best for you and baby.

I gained a ton with Emily, and even though it was less with Jacob and Matthew, it was still a very lot. Fortunately our husbands still think we're cute and now that the weight is gone we can laugh at the pictures of me taken right before I went to the hospital to have each of them. We both say, "Did you/I REALLY look like that?!" "I don't remember you/I being THAT big!" It comes on so gradual (I know it doesn't seem gradual, but it is.) that you don't really realize it.

Like Billy. Looking at old pictures now, we can't believe how big he was, but at the time we didn't really see it.

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